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How much does it cost to join DSP as a pledge?

The costs for a pledge is a flat cost that includes non-refundable fee that is due before pledging. For specifics, contact:

What does pledging entail?

  • Attending Chapters on Sunday Evening

  • Complete all of the required online modules and quizzes through canvas with 80% or higher

  • Must pass the Final exam with 80% or higher

For more in-depth information 

Is the process hard?

The pledging process is not as hard as it seems. With good time management skills a pledge can show the fraternity that they are willing to be dedicated and will be an active brother to Delta Sigma Pi after pledging.

What are the benefits of joining DSP?

There are so many benefits from joining DSP, from a professional standpoint it is a fraternity that wants to help with your classes and internships. Plus there are so many friends to be made along the way.

What are the expectations after being initiated?

After being initiated all we ask from our new brothers is for them to stay active and involved in the fraternity. With everyone working hard we believe we can make our chapter the best in the country!

How often does Delta Sigma Pi Recruit?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to join our fraternity, so we recruit every Fall and Spring semester. 

What Majors are allowed to join Delta Sigma Pi?

You can become a brother of Delta Sigma Pi as long as you major in any business major or if you are an economic major!

What happens if I have conflicting events during recruitment?

If you happen to have conflicting events going on feel free to contact We try to host a variety of events so everyone can have the chance to check us out. 

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